What is your relationship like to your body with regards to what happens in your life? How can we repair emotional trauma that manifests in the body as pain or tension? Are there ways that you can change your mindset through moving energy stuck in the body? In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini speaks with Andrea Willoughby about releasing repetitive thinking and tapping into joy and happiness.


Andrea Willoughby is an expert at restoring peace in a stressed-out body. Living in a highly sensitive body, with a driven, goal-oriented mind was step #1 in Andrea’s education to becoming an expert on how to calm and heal the nervous system. She now teaches others what she learned to have her own healthy body and happy mind; she joyfully guides and mentors them to thrive and manifest their desires and purpose in life. Find out more and connect with Andrea here.


  • A quick example of Andrea's work
  • Remember that your body is your best friend

A quick example of Andrea's work

You can unconsciously collect energy from other people, and when you start to realize that you can release it.
  • Pick a moment and think about the ways in which you react to life that you wish was different – perhaps an addiction such as alcohol or even certain thoughts that feel familiar to us.
  • Identity a thought pattern that you have or a physical ailment you want to change or heal. With these thoughts, we try to control the feeling of the body.
  • Notice what the thoughts are in your mind, and allow yourself to encounter those thoughts in your mind with patience.
  • Our thoughts are the same with ego, so get out of the thoughts and into the body by noticing where you experience these thoughts in your body.
  • When you notice where you feel it, allow it to be there without pushing it back or judging it for existing.
Now, consider your breath. It brings in healing energy:
  • Take in a deep breath into your belly, and exhale it down through your legs, imagine you are picking up earth energy.
  • Breathe this energy into your body and exhale it out and imagine it moving out the top of your head.
  • This is one cycle of the central channel breath – focus on the area where you first felt the tension, and make sure you whish through that pained area with the breath.
These continual layers of breath can take away layers of anxiety and tension. Once you have breathed through these pained spaces, go back to them and see if the energy has moved, or lessened, or has calmed. Visualize that breath energy flowing through your body, and thank it. This stuck energy once served you in your life, and you can thank it for helping you and release it to create new space to welcome in the new. You can use this process over and over again and you can use this method to help reshape the feeling around thoughts and emotions as they come up.

Remember that your body is your best friend

Take your thoughts out of your mind in your body, and you will start to do some of your own healing in that moment. So think less and feel more.
Your body will not lie to you about how it feels or what it is experiencing, therefore listen to the signals and messages that it sends you. If something in your life is not working, your body will tell you.



I am a licensed Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. While I may have over 20 years of clinical experience, what I also have is the experience of having been a patient who had an eating disorder as well. One thing that I never had during all of my treatment was someone who could look me in the eye and honestly say to me "hey, I've been there. I understand". Going through treatment for an eating disorder is one of the hardest and scariest things to do. I remember being asked to do things that scared me. Things I now know ultimately helped me to get better. But, at the time, I had serious doubts and fears about it. If even one of my providers had been able to tell me "I know it's scary, but I had to go through that part too. Here's what will probably happen...." then perhaps I would not have gone in and out of treatment so many times. My own experience ultimately led me to specialize in treating eating disorders. I wanted to be the therapist I never had; the one who "got it". I will be giving you my perspective and information as an expert and clinician who has been treating patients for over 2 decades. But don't just take my word for it...keep listening to hear the truly informative insights and knowledge guest experts have to share. I am so happy you are here!


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[CRISTINA]: Behind the Bite podcast is part of a network of podcasts that are good for the world. Check out podcasts like the Full of Shift podcast, After the First Marriage podcast and Eating Recovery Academy over at practiceofthepractice.com/network. Welcome to Behind the bite podcast. This podcast is about the real life struggles women face with food, body image and weight. We're here to help heal, inspire and create better, healthier lives. Welcome. ________________________________________ [CRISTINA]: Hello, and welcome to Behind the Bite podcast. Whether you're a returning listener or new to the show, I'm so glad you're here and I've been really looking forward to today's recording. We have a guest with us today who I believe is truly going to make an impact on all of you listening. So if you're not already, find a spot where you're comfortable and able to listen and focus. Think of today as setting aside time for you. And, you know, to have some much needed self-care. Joining me today is Andrea Willoughby, a mind and body healer who energetically connects with her clients to whisk away their old programming. She helps people reset their nervous systems, release addictive thinking, feel better in their bodies and tap into joy and happiness. Welcome, Andrea. [ANDREA]: Thank you, I'm happy to be here. [CRISTINA]: You know, your work is so fascinating and it helps so many people, but there may be listeners out there who have never heard of a mind and body healer or maybe they have but would never think to go to one. Could you tell us more about what you do and also why someone would come see you? [ANDREA]: Sure. So I do what is called energy work. And there are many different types of energy work available in the world today. I have been involved with it for about twenty years. I got involved because I desperately needed some energy work, and I had spent several decades looking for answers to my own health problems that impacted my mind and my body but I had no idea that this area of service even existed. And finally I found someone who was a traditional chiropractor but also did energy healing on the side. And while I wasn't open to it at first, I was desperate enough over time, once I trusted him as a chiropractor that maybe I should listen to him and try this energy work. And that technique was called bioenergetic synchronization technique, also known as BEST. Within a matter of weeks receiving treatments from this gentleman, I was significantly better in my physical ailments, like the pain that I'd carried around in my neck and shoulders and lower back, and other ailments like irritable bowel, depression, anxiety, it was all impacted by these gentle, non force, almost clinical treatments. So it didn't seem woohoo at all, by the way. I was sold. And from that point on, I became a receiver of the work. And then within a couple of years, I was thinking I need to be offering this work to people. So I learned how to do it, starting with that particular technique. And then over the years, I've added in a number of other techniques that I offer in my practice. And I went through deep healing, so it was more than just getting these treatments. I had a lot to learn about healing. And I incorporate all that knowledge for my own healing into what I offer others these days. [CRISTINA]: So that's interesting. So you went to a chiropractor and when you were first approached with doing energy work, what was your thought? Or did you have any ideas about energy work? Or were you suspect at all? You know, you use the word woowoo, and I know some people do kind of think energy work is kind of this, you know, they're skeptical or they think it doesn't work or they may just turn a blind eye to it or automatically shut it down. So I'm wondering, did you have that same thought in the beginning or were you just completely open to it? [ANDREA]: Well, as I recall, I don't think he called it energy work. I think he just said it was some technique that he had learned that's really good for the nervous system, he had learned it as an elective in chiropractic college. That the one who developed BEST was a chiropractor and developed this technique in the seventies, and had spent thirty years teaching it primarily to chiropractors. So I'm not sure that I even had the idea that it was energy work. But what I was not open to was the idea that he wasn't going to adjust my neck. I was of the belief that this chiropractor had to physically adjust my neck in order for me to feel better. The reason I had that belief was, for the previous twenty-five years, I had visited many different chiropractors - probably at least a dozen. Over time, I would stick with them long term, they would physically adjust me. Some did more physical adjustments than others, and I would get some temporary relief. So I was very attached to the idea that someone had to physically adjust me, for me to get even the temporary relief that I was seeking. I mean, I wanted more long term relief, but I never found it. So at that time, I was settling for temporary. And in hindsight, when I look back, I had tried some other things that were considered energy based, including yoga and Tai Chi and I think I went to a couple different practitioners who did some kind of energy type treatment. But I wasn't sold on it enough to continue to go back. So it wasn't until I trusted this man, I valued his opinion, and I decided to do what he said. And he said, come in for twelve sessions, and I just did. So for twice a week for three weeks I went in, and then it went down to once a week, and then every other week. So I gave my body a chance to experience it and to actually allow the healing process to do its work. So, based on my prior experience, I wasn't open to it because I thought, no, anything that I've ever done in the past has not helped my neck and my other symptoms that I related to my neck being out of alignment. And so it took about six months of receiving the other treatments, the more traditional chiropractic adjustments, that I finally listened to him and said, okay, I'm desperate. Let's try this other thing. And I have never looked back. [CRISTINA]: That's fascinating. So it sounds like you went in for your neck, but it also sounds like other things started to come up that you also receive some healing for. Did that surprise you? [ANDREA]: Yes. I knew they were all related. I have pain. I had what I referred to before, some other physical ailments, I was depressed, but who wouldn't be if they were in pain, and [unclear], you know, low energy, and not getting answers. So I feel like I had a lot of mental stress, emotional stress, physical symptoms. And it all responded to this gentle, non force method of communicating with my nervous system, and allowing my body to be heard, my body was sending messages, something wasn't right. Anytime we have symptoms, that's an opportunity for us to embrace the idea that something we're choosing to do in our lives isn't working for us. And I say 'choosing', sometimes we're so programmed, subconsciously, that it feels as though we have no choice. And things like addiction fall into that category where we don't feel we have a choice. But if we can address things more at the nervous system level, and take out the stress that has been accumulating over the years, not only from our own experiences and traumas, but also from energy and trauma that we have inherited from our ancestors and our parents - it comes down the line and it's passed on through the generations. And in the meantime, I've learned a lot about how we store and carry energy. So we may have been impacted by other people's energy that we are carrying in our nervous system. And that is impacting our daily life, and our beliefs, and our choices. [CRISTINA]: So interesting. So let's say somebody came to you and they were skeptical. Is there a way you kind of converse with them about how we're energetic beings, to help them understand this more? Or, like, what would you say to even somebody listening here today who's not really understanding what a mind and body healer is or how the energy works, and how this could benefit them? Let's say they're just kind of skeptical and not really open to it. [ANDREA]: Well, the beautiful part about it is that if they were to try a few sessions, they would see results. I'm not saying they would be healed in that period of time but they would see things happening, and things showing up that are different in the way they feel. Just as when I received that first treatment from the chiropractor so many years ago, as I was driving home, I felt like I had been physically adjusted. I felt relief, and I was surprised but, you know, I did feel it and I continued to feel it. So, if someone is not yet open to trying, which I totally get because it took me six months to make that decision, I just try to... I offer my services and a free consultation to chat with them and answer any specific questions they may have. I offer some free offerings, like I do a monthly healing session on Zoom. So there are ways that people can start to connect with me where there's not a big investment, but they'll be experiencing healing along the way. And, specifically to your question about energy, we are energy beings. If you look at us and our organs and our tissues, microscopically, you know, it's energy. So we can see things moving and there's, you know, different atoms and molecules. And we don't think of that as a body, but what we are in our body is compressed energy. The way that I work with people is through the connection between the mind and the body and the spirit. So I love opening that conversation with people and explaining the connection. So when we're born, we come in with a spirit, we all have our own unique spirit, and we have a purpose. We're all different, just like fingerprints, we're all different. And I love the idea that we come in to fulfill our purpose. We may not know what it is to start with, but our life gives us the opportunity to figure out what our purpose is. It may take some people a lifetime to figure that out, and others are lucky to tune into it earlier. But our spirit has a message. And our spirit communicates to us through our body. So if our body is showing symptoms, it means somehow we're off track from our spiritual purpose. Our body communicates to our mind, but unfortunately, our mind is busy thinking of other things. We're not trained to tune in to the messages of our body. If, from the time we were one, two, and three years old, we were being taught to tune into the messages of our body, we would be really good at it by the time we're twelve, fifteen, twenty years old. But this is usually a new concept for adults these days, is that, you know, that our body is communicating messages to us, and our body is our best friend. It's never gonna lie, but the mind will lie. And so if I can help people get out of their mind and focus more on their body, which is what I do in my sessions, along with some of these various techniques that I use, they can immediately start releasing some of the blocked energy that's in their system that came from trauma or inheritance. And as we make those connections, we reconnect the circuits so their energy is no longer blocked, their body immediately starts doing the healing. Because it is programmed to, well, the body is programmed to survive. And the moment we can connect the broken circuitry, we will begin to heal. So we may go through a lifetime not healing. We don't want to go through lifetime not healing. We have the answers. We have many answers right now that many people just may not have been introduced to yet. [CRISTINA]: See, as you're talking, so much is coming to my mind. And I'm just thinking of so many of the people I work with and we have these similar conversations, especially around people who are just not in tune with their hunger and satiety signals. And so much of what I work on with people is their thoughts overriding that. And I work a lot with mindful eating, and people ask, you know, are you hungry? And they say, I don't know, I haven't felt hunger in so long, or I don't know what that feels like, or, you know, they eat for so many different reasons. And, you know, according to, you know, they have this fear of eating and, you know, so as you're talking, I'm just thinking about all these conversations I've had with patients. And I'm actually wondering, do you get any people in your office who are struggling with eating disorders or struggling with body image, where their minds are so occupied with such negative self talk, or thoughts about, I need to be thinner, or I need to lose weight, or just the things that override the system, where they're not providing their body what it actually needs to survive, or enough fuel, or nutrition? [ANDREA]: Yeah, there's some kind of misunderstanding going on there. So again, the mind will lie to us. And we have beliefs from early childhood, or even from our ancestry, that are telling us we're not good enough, or we're not worthy, or not valued. And maybe we had some experiences as a young child that "proved" that and that there's been a lot of evidence for that. So that becomes a belief based on the energy stored in the body from that trauma. So trauma could be an instant trauma, like a car accident, or could be a slow build up of experiences that we've had that were traumatic, maybe smaller level trauma. And eventually, it builds up enough that it sends us into overload. And there may be one last straw, say, when you were five or six years old, you had already some messaging coming from society or from your parents or ancestors, teachers or whatever, that you weren't okay, that something about you was not okay. Or maybe other students were bullying in some way. Maybe there was some kind of vulnerability. Often people are highly sensitive who have eating disorders. And so, yeah, these are the people who ultimately I see in my office, often teenagers and older, typically women - I mostly work with women, but I'm open to working with men as well - and they have a lot of beliefs that their body isn't good enough, that they're too heavy, or that somehow they are anxious, and that through different methods of trying to control their situation they may rely on controlling what they eat. That may be the one thing that they feel they can control when everything else feels out of control. And so, yes, I've worked with a lot of teenage girls who have body dysmorphic disorder, they feel like they're fat, you know, they are often looking in the mirror or in the window as they go past, they're compulsively wondering about whether they are okay just the way they are. And that message is very much locked in. It's like it got locked in during that trauma - it may have been an instant trauma or a slow buildup of trauma - but when we go into overload, it's like the basement gets flooded under [unclear] door. And, you know, you close the trap door and that basement is still flooded. The worries and underlying belief is trapped in there and it's energetic. So this is one thing that people may not realize - it's not part of their hardware. It's part of their software, and it can be reprogrammed through these various techniques of energy work. So we can just gently tap into that. People don't have to tell me details about their trauma for me to be able to help them. So it is different than traditional therapy, in that I can work with people in person - well, it used to be in person; right now I'm just working with people on the phone and on Zoom - and we can tap in and just gently open that trapdoor and let some of that energy out. We actually want to let it out, and we'll let out a layer of it at a time. And then that person begins to just feel different because they're not carrying around that energetic vibration of 'I'm not good enough the way I am'. [CRISTINA]: So that's so fascinating. So, say somebody were to come in and want to work on, say, body dysmorphia, what's the typical regimen look like? So I know you had said you came in, what was it, twelve sessions when you were working with the chiropractor? Is there a set number of sessions? Or does it just depend on the individual? How, like, say somebody is listening to this today and says, hey, I want to work with Andrea, what would they expect in terms of working with you? [ANDREA]: So yeah, it does depend on not just the individual, but the reason they'd come in. So if there's something that's been really chronic, and that they've [unclear] for a long time, there are going to be multiple sessions recommended for that because we don't want to work too fast. And the sessions are cumulative. So yes, each session is going to release the layer that your body needs to release. And I don't say that like I'm making that choice. That's [unclear] works, is that since we are designed to... we are self-regulating and self-healing, as long as our circuitry in our nervous system is connected. And it's through those traumas that things have been disconnected. And I'm here as a guide and I actually have a special gift for helping people with this. I'm very tuned in to how people feel. I often feel people, I feel their energy, and you could call that an empath but I'm highly sensitive to energy and have learned to work with it. But my point is that the way healing works, and this has been documented, is that your body will release the thing that is most confronting to your survival. And I don't choose that. I just help move energy, so I'm an energy mover. And so that's kind of a special gift part of my work. I can help people even if I have just a fifteen minute chat with them on the phone, without even doing a special technique. But the way the body heals in high priority, it will release the thing that is most causing a threat to your survival. And then the next session will also then release the thing that is causing the most problem for your survival, and so on and so on. It comes off in layers. So I definitely recommend the multiple sessions for someone who has a chronic condition. And I would say a good foundation is twelve sessions. Usually people are feeling the changes from the get-go. But they'll start to stabilize somewhere between six and twelve sessions, and they just start to feel more at ease, and I work with them and give them different ways that they can continue the healing process in between sessions. So it's not just them relying on me forever; I'm actually teaching them how to do it on their own. And again, I have group classes where we, you know, really get to understand what's happening with energy, how it works, how to address it, we get to practice with each other. Again, those are all on Zoom right now. And then I believe that people should, of course, be having their own individual private sessions. And those sessions can be, believe it or not, as short as ten minutes. But typically, I do work with people for an hour at a time. This week, I'm filling in for a guy who's also a BEST practitioner in another state. He just works very differently than I do and he sees people in ten minute increments, much similar to a chiropractor, and I'm able to fill in, and I'm doing forty sessions for him this week while he's on vacation. And those are all ten minutes. Yeah, so there's so many different ways that we can work it. But definitely multiple sessions are in order when someone's had a chronic or long term condition. [CRISTINA]: Now, would you, if somebody were to say, hey, I'm also working with my medical doctor or say, a psychologist like me, do you work in tandem? Is this part of like a whole treatment protocol? Or would you say somebody could just come see you for a medical issue or problem they're having? [ANDREA]: Well, I love the idea of a village [unclear] people because, you know, I don't know exactly what's going on with people, say, on a chemical level; maybe there's some good testing that they could have. I've worked the last three years in a functional medicine practice and as part of a team. So we had two medical doctors, functional medicine specialists, a nutritionist and other energy healers, and myself, working on the mind and body for that person. So I'm all for a group approach. And because I've been through such deep healing myself, and over such a long period of time, I really experienced so much of what it takes to heal, much more than many people, I would say, because I'm very persistent and I want to know why didn't I feel good for so long, what could I do. And being a highly sensitive person, I kind of had to get all the pieces right. So it wasn't just this energy treatment piece. But I really had to figure out, you know, what, made me feel good, like, what food my body loved, and also how to get away with eating the food that my body doesn't love. You know, because I want to just live a normal life too. And the message that I got from my mother growing up, was that she just couldn't live like everyone else. So she and I are real similar, very sensitive, we ended up with similar physical and mental issues in our life. It was as though I took on her energy. And that is what we do as children, and even as adults, but we take on the energy around us that seems strong and powerful, and like, oh, that's just the way we do it. So I was the one of my sisters who really kind of took on the identical energy of my mother, and ended up with the same physical issues that she did. And so, you know, it was amazing to me that when I could start to learn about that, that oh, this is [unclear] I have today, of feeling kind of victimized, you know, like, why can't I just be like everyone else. That was my mother's energy. And when I was able to identify that and work with that, and that is part of the work that I do for my clients is to help them identify when the energy is not even theirs to carry around. If they've been doing it kind of as a favor to start with to support people you love, you know, that you can let that go. And, as a young girl, when I... actually when I started having my real physical problems, there was a car accident that was when I was thirteen. But my mother was also sick at that time. So, energetically, I was being totally overloaded, and I was trying to help her. So it was like I was her therapist, or I was her caregiver at the age of thirteen. So that was pretty traumatic for me. So obviously, I was already kind of in the belief that I wanted to help people, but I didn't know how to do it without harming myself. So I ended up taking on even more of her energy and her beliefs. And I love her very much, and I've learned so much from my mother, and how to live my own powerful life without feeling as though I need to heal her or really anyone else. So I'm looking for the people who are ready for healing, ready for change in their life. And I'm here to support them, whatever their journey looks like. [CRISTINA]: Yeah, that's a fascinating story you have and how you got here. And it sounds like you do help so many people. And you said something that, you know, I can relate to as well. During this pandemic, most of us who work in helping people have had to do virtual work. So I know you and I have talked, and you're so generous to say you were willing to actually, on this podcast, give us a taste of what you do for our listeners. And I hope that's still the case because I think people could really benefit from what you do. So if you're still willing to give us a sense of a healing on the podcast, that would be absolutely fantastic. [ANDREA]: Definitely. And I'm just going to kind of wing it here, because this is what I do in my monthly healing calls. Since we've been talking about how we can collect energy from other people, and we may not know it, so we think the way we're behaving today is just who we are, and we're stuck with it. If we can start to realize that, wait a minute, that energy may not even be mine. So, what I'd like to ask of the listeners is to take a moment and think about some way that you find yourself behaving or reacting in life that you wish was different. Maybe there is an addiction of some kind. Addiction can be to substances, from outside of us, and also to our own inner chemistry, and our thoughts. We can become addicted to certain thoughts, that creates a certain chemistry within our nervous system that feels familiar to us. So we often stick with that. And actually, Cristina, if I could just ask you, how much time do I have right now to go through a little healing? [CRISTINA]: Oh, you have your time. Don't worry about it. [ANDREA]: Okay. So everyone, I just want everyone to think about something that they would like to be different. So maybe it's a thought pattern that they have, where they just keep coming up against it, like, oh, the same situation keeps coming up in my life, or I keep attracting the same people into my life. So it's just something that you want to be different. Or it could be a physical ailment. And right now, go ahead and think about what it is that you tell yourself. So for someone who has migraines, they may say, it's just my headaches, I always get migraines. I'm just a migraine person, you know, I'm just stuck with it. Nothing has helped these migraines. And so that's the thoughts and that is us trying to control the feeling of the body. So the body is trying to send a message that you know, something's wrong here, not getting quite all the right input for our spiritual evolution. So here, headaches, migraines. And so if we can get out of the thoughts that we have about the situation, you know, again, it could be about habitual eating or something like that. Just notice what the thoughts are in your mind. And notice as you roll those thoughts around in your mind that you allow yourself to think for a moment about those thoughts, like, it's just hopeless, or you've tried everything, you know, there's just no real solution here. It's too hard. That's all ego. That's ego trying to control the situation. Our thoughts are really the same as ego. So we want to get out of thoughts, and ego, and we want to go into the body. So notice, where do you feel it in your body? Where do you feel those thoughts in your body, it could be in your gut, could be above the belly button, below the chest, it could be below the belly button down to pubic bone, it could be in our tailbone area, it can be in our head, it just feels like the weight of the world, or on our shoulders, on our neck and shoulders, carrying all that weight. So whenever we have those thoughts that are either ego, or kind of habitual thinking, the instruction is to go to the body, take it to the body. Where do you feel it? And then when you notice where you feel it, allow it to be there. This is where we often go wrong. We don't want to feel what's in our body. We've never been taught to do that. But I often [unclear] a snake charmer with the flute, playing the music and allowing the snake to come up and out. Like, we don't want that anymore. But it doesn't help to, like, try to run from it, you know? Because these energies are within, and we want to draw them out. So it could be that we just say 'yes' to it. Whatever you feel, is it a tension? Is it pressure? Is it the shape of something in your body? Is it heavy? Is it light? Is it sharp? Is there a color to it? Just think about it for a moment; what does it look like to you? And in a session, you wouldn't have to tell me, you know, this is your process that I'm guiding you through. And always we want to use our breath. So breath is healing, it brings in healing energy. So if you can take a deep breath in through your nostrils and bring it all the way down into your lower belly, into your sacral chakra. That's our emotional center. And then exhale the breath. Imagine it exhaling down your legs, deep into the earth. And then pick up some earth energy in your imagination. Breathe it up back into the belly. And then breathe out through the central channel up and out the top of the head. So that is one cycle of central channel breathing. It doesn't matter if you start from above and breathe into your belly and then go down below, or you start from below your feet, breathe up into your belly and out the top of your head. But one cycle is both ways. So I'd like you to do another full cycle of the central channel [unclear], focusing on the area that you first felt the tension from the thoughts. And just make sure you kind of push through that area with the breath and pick up any loose tension that can leave on the breath. And if you hear me sighing it's because I feel energy moving. And the breath is so helpful for me as well, to move that energy, to be like a channel for that energy, rather than an absorber of other's energy like I used to be. Now I just move it along with what you could even call an unintentional breath. It's like my body causes a yawn for me to happen when I'm working with people. It happens all the time because I am helping them move their energy whether we're on the phone or in person. And you may feel a yawn too, or burping, some kind of transmutation of this energy, we're actually transforming this energy and it's leaving the body, and it's taking with layers of those beliefs of unworthiness, or not good enough, or anxiety, the need to control. So now go back to where you felt that originally, those thoughts, and just notice if that feels any different, maybe it's a little bit softer, not quite as tense, maybe it's moved. It's common for these deeply held energy patterns to be complex. So it may have started in your belly, and then as we move some energy, now you're feeling a tension in your heart. So in our belly, we have more access to anger, that is kind of the chakra center that houses anger. And anger is way easier to feel than deep [unclear] grief. So when we're able to move something from our belly, then all of a sudden we may feel in our heart chakra. And there may be sadness or tears, deep grief over some loss in our past. It's all energy, and we're carrying it around, we don't need it anymore. It was a pattern that you recruited at one point in your life to help you. But it's no longer working for you. And as you continue to evolve spiritually, it's as though that energy just doesn't fit in there anymore. That if you don't find a way to release that energy, it's like, say, you know, the shape is a box. Well, the box will eventually just, like, explode with all this energy, and we don't want explosions of energy; we want gentle releases of this energy in the healing process. So, take one more central channel breath, an entire loop, so you go in from one end into the belly and out the other end. And again, the other direction. Visualizing that energy leaving your body with whatever imagination and visual you want to apply to it. Just let it go. Watch it go. Say thank you to it. It did you a service at one point in your life but it's just no longer needed. And things will now reorganize. There'll be more space in your body for the energies that are still there. We will never get rid of our vital energy through this process, we will only get rid of the energy that doesn't belong. [CRISTINA]: Well, Andrea, that was fantastic. And for listeners out there, this is there for you to have again and again. So that is a great, wonderful gift you've just given everybody, thank you so much. That's amazing. And I do hope people continue to listen to that because that really, like I said, it's a true gift that you just gave everybody. So thank you so much. [ANDREA]: Yeah, that could be used over and over again. Used as a recording, you know, anytime, for any thought that you have. [CRISTINA]: So now that you've obviously shared so much about what you do, and now people have had the chance to experience that. And so it's been such an amazing time to have you on the show and I can imagine people would be very interested to work with you. How can people find you? Is there a way they can get ahold of you somewhere on the web? Where can people find you? [ANDREA]: Yes, on my website at embodyyourjoy.com. And on that homepage, you'll see a box where you can input your information and you'll connect with me but you'll also get a free video training for a physical movement exercise that you can do to also update some energetic programming that doesn't belong. So it's a movement that spending three minutes to do, and you can do it twice a day, or more, or less. Just [unclear] when you have negative thoughts that come into mind, you go, there's one of those thoughts again, I'm not going there, I refuse to go there. This gives you a tool in the moment to update that programming and start to plant the seed for a different way of thinking. [CRISTINA]: Well, that is also a true gift to everybody. And I don't know if there's any last thoughts you want to hit up to give everybody or, I mean, you've said so much already, I can't imagine there's anything else you'd want to say. But is there anything before we end? [ANDREA]: I just want to reiterate the idea that our body is really our best friend, and [unclear] lied to. So if something is happening that's not working in your life, your body will be showing signs of it. And your job is to listen. So just take your thoughts out of your mind, into your body. And you'll start to do some of your own healing in that moment. So think less and feel more. [CRISTINA]: What a great message. Thank you. And if anybody missed any of what Andrea said in terms of how to get ahold of her, I will also be putting all of that information and links on the show notes. So don't worry, you will be able to find her. So... [ANDREA]: Can I add one more thing? [CRISTINA]: Sure. Absolutely. [ANDREA]: So I'm starting... because we really want the focus on the body - and I've learned over the years how to release in different ways from the body - I'm offering for the next two months, free yoga on Zoom, Tuesday mornings at 9am. Not this week, today's Tuesday. Okay, so I'm starting August, I think it's 11th, Thursday afternoons, I'm starting that same week at 5pm. So it's just another way to connect with me and be able to release more from your body, and get an idea of whether you want to work with me, to know me better, and hopefully like me enough that you want to continue working with me. [CRISTINA]: Okay, and that specific time, so just to clarify for anybody listening anywhere else, we're in California, so... [ANDREA]: That's correct. [CRISTINA]: All right, well, great, wonderful opportunity for everybody to check Andrea out and try to work with her and see if you want to continue. I think that's all fabulous you're doing that. Thank you. Because we certainly need a lot of healing right now with everything going on. So thank you for that. All right, everyone. [ANDREA]: Yeah. So if people connect with me on that website they will then get the announcements about the free registration for the yoga, etc. [CRISTINA]: So I might have to head over there. That sounds great. [ANDREA]: Yeah, do it. [CRISTINA]: Definitely. All right, everyone. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. This was a great show, Andrea, thank you. And as always, I hope everyone out there listened to the show and enjoyed it. If you did, you can rate review and subscribe to the podcast. You can also go to my website at behindthebitepodcast.com where you can get my free, nine-week email course and start your journey to making peace with your struggles with food and your body. So until next time, to your health everyone. 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