Can you take the initiative to learn about what works for your body? How can stuck emotions in the body cause medical issues? How do you practice healthy emotional release? In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini speaks about using muscle testing to release stuck emotions with Bo Bisset.


Bo spent the first four decades of his life punishing, mutilating, demeaning, and destroying himself. Somewhere along the line, he realized those daily practices only made things worse, and despite his wishes to not move forward, he found a way.

Now, Bo has developed Amo Ni to help people to avoid falling into the same pitfalls that he did. Amo Ni is a blended heart-centric healing modality, incorporating kinesiology, acupressure release points, pranayamic breathing, and NLP. These practices get you out of your own way and connect you with your intuitive higher self.

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  • Take the initiative to learn what works for your body
  • Muscle testing for emotional release
  • Using breathwork to release stuck emotions

Take the initiative to learn what works for your body

For me … self muscle testing was the most important thing that I discovered because through muscle testing I was able to establish a direct connection with my body. (Bo Bisset)
Different medical practices can help you to learn more about how your body works. Many people are turning to forms of medicine that help them learn about how their body works, and what is good for them, instead of wanting the symptoms to just disappear.
I always thought I was fairly self-aware, but once I started muscle testing, I realized there was a huge divide between what I thought I knew and what I knew [about myself], and what I was hiding. (Bo Bisset)
Take the initiative to learn more about your body and how to care for it because it empowers you. It is empowering to enrich yourself with the knowledge of how to treat your mind and body with respect and compassion instead of numbing everything it tells you.

Muscle testing for emotional release

Bo takes a combined approach of using muscle testing for emotional release or to open chakras. Take shame, for example. Which emotions could be anchored to shame if not shame itself? Then, clients are directed to connect to each emotion with muscle testing.
With muscle testing we can also find out when and where that anchored emotion came from; what age [you] were, what the situation [was] when we have the individual connect with that emotion in that situation. (Bo Bisset)
Muscle testing can also be used to find where an emotion has been anchored or stored in the body, like anger being anchored in the gut. If the emotion is left stuck in the body, it can cause medical issues over time. For example, if a person has unresolved anger in their stomach, they may develop digestion issues due to the constant tension.

Using breathwork to release stuck emotions

Use Bo’s AMO breath to release the stuck emotion once you have located it with muscle testing. When you release an emotion, you feel it again, but only for a moment. All emotions want to be felt for them to pass through us. The trouble comes when people ignore, numb, or suppress their emotions, and then need to do this work to release them. Be brave enough to experience your emotions so that they will not get stuck in your body. A – welcome pure light energy into your body M – direct this light energy to the stuck place to gather the tension O – release everything and breathe it out
Just doing the AMO breath itself with a meditation … it is a beautiful cleansing breath. (Bo Bisset)



I am a licensed Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. While I may have over 20 years of clinical experience, what I also have is the experience of having been a patient who had an eating disorder as well. One thing that I never had during all of my treatment was someone who could look me in the eye and honestly say to me "hey, I've been there. I understand". Going through treatment for an eating disorder is one of the hardest and scariest things to do. I remember being asked to do things that scared me. Things I now know ultimately helped me to get better. But, at the time, I had serious doubts and fears about it. If even one of my providers had been able to tell me "I know it's scary, but I had to go through that part too. Here's what will probably happen...." then perhaps I would not have gone in and out of treatment so many times. My own experience ultimately led me to specialize in treating eating disorders. I wanted to be the therapist I never had; the one who "got it". I will be giving you my perspective and information as an expert and clinician who has been treating patients for over 2 decades. But don't just take my word for it...keep listening to hear the truly informative insights and knowledge guest experts have to share. I am so happy you are here!


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